Why is your shower leaking

A leaking shower recess can be caused by defective taps or plumbing however the problems that commonly arise are faulty  waterproofing and deteriorated grout which can be due to general structural movement or ageing.  Contact us as soon as a leak is suspected so that we can carry out our own investigation  and provide you with a quote and the correct action to be taken. 

Why re-grout and not re-tile ?

Simple- Save your valuable time and your valuable money! But really there are many reasons to re-grout:

Is your shower leaking through the walls?  Is your grout looking dull, mouldy or is it missing in areas?  Has your premises moved and caused cracks in the grout lines of your shower or bathroom? 

Are you looking to sell or lease your property and wanting to maximize your return by improving your bathroom without an expensive outlay of money?

Are you and your family members experiencing mould allergies?  Mouldy grout could be a contributing factor.

Tiles in good conditions are not porous but the  grout is. In most case the shower can be fixed by replacing the grout and waterproof the shower recess itself without removing the tiles.  Indeed, the original membrane under the tiles may either be non existent, have failed, or deteriorated, but if the shower is sealed accordingly no water will be allowed to reach the underlying membrane.

Can the regular use of caustic cleaning products damage the grout ?

YES! Grout is a porous product and periodical cleaning using harsh chemicals causes the grout ‘pores’ to open and disintegrate. The "open pores" are  vulnerable to bacteria and mould ingress inevitably occurs.  Grout joints become shallow and weak resulting in water penetration spreading into the surrounding area and causing damage to adjoining walls.  If available always use PH Neutral products to clean your tiles and grout.