Our Services

We strive to be the most courteous and professional company possible. We have an eye for details and specialise in fine detail work. We are an individual family business with lower overheads than other larger company and therefore our pricing is extremely competitive. 

Leaking Shower Repairs

We will inspect your shower and carry out our own investigation to evaluate the source of the problem. We will give you an honest and clear explanation with a quote on relevant items to be fixed to stop your shower leaking.

Tile Regrouting 

We only use the latest superior grade grout replacement products available on the market  for achieving a high quality and long term result.

We keep up to date on all manufactured product  information and training so that we can provide you with the most accurate advice.

Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry Resealing

We remove old deteriorated unsightly silicone; we treat and dry the area against bacteria and then re-seal with premium commercial sanitary grade caulk with a sharp finishing line.